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Vitreo Retinal Fellowship in India for International Surgeons - An overview

This fellowship program will endeavor to provide practical exposure on retina cases & demonstrate vitreo-retinal interventions/surgery to the visiting ophthalmologist. 

The ophthalmologist will be exposed to various test equipment, provided hands-on opportunities to examine retina cases, first-hand do the necessary test procedures like OCT, FFA & VEP, participate in any on-going clinical trial, intravitreal injection delivery and observe and participate in vitreo-retinal interventions like vitrectomy including diabetes vitrectomy, macular hole surgery, pneumoretinopexy, scleral buckling etc. The visiting ophthalmologist will also get an experience of pre-operative & post-operative procedures critical for the retina patients

The vitreo-retinal screening at our hospital varies between 400-700 patients per month while the number of surgeries & procedures are in the range of 40-70 patients per month hence this medical & surgical retina fellowship at JLR, India will give huge exposure to the participating surgeons.

The vitreo retinal retina fellowship programme is designed for 3(three) months. The fellowship programme is structured to give a theoretical overview and complement it with practical experience spanning medical & surgical retina.  The fellowship will be helpful for the following:

Ophthalmologists experienced in Cataract surgeries, who wish to enhance their skills to manage retinal complications viz. Nucleus drop, vitrectomy etc.

Assisted surgeries – a minimum of 50 surgeries along-with our Retinal surgeon

Hands-on exposure based on the proficiency they demonstrate on goat’s eye and live patients

Team doctors

Patient care is of prime importance to us, and we ensure that the prospective visiting ophthalmologist has constant interaction & supervision of our consultants, to ensure that the objectives of the visiting consultant are fulfilled while their skills & understanding are honed.

Brief Introduction

Based in Kanpur, Dr. J.L. Rohatgi Smarak Netra Chikitsalaya, founded in 1959, is at the forefront of providing all-encompassing eye care. Our Institute has performed over 400,000 (four hundred thousand) cataract surgeries, over 500 (five hundred) retina surgeries, and over 50 (fifty) corneal transplants in the last six decades. We are able to serve more than 100,000 (one hundred thousand) out-patient screenings annually – thanks to our ten vision centers, which give us a wide range of community access.

Eye checkup

In our endeavor to provide comprehensive eye-care solutions, our Vitreo Retinal unit was setup in ‘2002 for the treatment of patients presenting Retinal detachment, Age related Macular degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, and other vitreous problems. Procedures like fundus photography, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), laser photocoagulation, Indocyanine green angiography, and fundus fluorescein angiography are routinely performed in the department.

Along with our outstanding team of consultants and paramedical staff, our high quality (NABH accredited), high volume, and subsized offerings have allowed us to lead the way in the region’s eye care solutions.

We have cutting-edge technology established at our facility, and with the help of a highly skilled and experienced team of surgeons, we execute more than 12,000 SIC procedures and more than 3000 phaco surgeries annually. Zeiss microscopes, Bausch & Lomb Stellaris Phaco machines, Field Analyzer, B-scan, OCT, Yag Laser, Green Laser, Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA), and Fundus camera are just a few examples of the cutting-edge equipment.


Eligibility Criteria for the vitreo retinal fellowship in India

Qualified Practicing Ophthalmologist, with a MS/DO degree acceptable in India and with a hands-on experience of independently performing Eye surgeries

Retina fellowship Schedule


Theory & exposure to medical complications arising out of cataract surgeries, testing procedures, out-patient management, exposure to IV injections administration


Assisted surgeries with our Retinal surgeon


Assisted surgeries & hands-on exposure on demonstration of proficiency under the supervision of our Retinal surgeon

Application Process for the retina fellowship at JLR, India

Aspiring international surgeons can apply to the medical retina fellowship through our website. Once applied, you can expect a reply from us within 3-4 working days via electronic media.

International applicants must be in possession of a temporary license issued by the National Medical Commission of India, which may be obtained online by visiting their website. Applications must be submitted three months in advance for the temporary license. JLR will help with this process for a fee based on actuals (about INR 6,000 at this time).

JLR Eye Hospital is able to offer single room accommodations with a pantry for a daily fee of $25 to applicants joining the vitreo retinal fellowship programme. Our hospital’s campus houses our trainee accommodation, which is equipped with the basic amenities. During their medical retina fellowship at JLR, India, we make the visiting fellows feel welcome and comfortable.

Only online or wire transfers will be accepted by the institution for fellowship fees.

International candidates for medical retina fellowships who wish to pursue their fellowships with us in India must have a visa that is valid for the whole period of the programme. It is advised that the visiting fellow plan their visa for a little bit longer than the length of their fellowship.

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