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Why we are the best eye hospital in Kanpur?

Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi Memorial Eye Hospital is amongst the best eye care hospital In Kanpur. We are an advanced ophthalmic eye care centre that offers a variety of high-end clinical solutions for individuals requiring correction in vision. We comprise a dedicated team of ophthalmic specialists led by the best eye specialist surgeons in Kanpur, who have brought leading technology for ophthalmic treatment to India.

What makes us best eye hospital in Kanpur

Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi Memorial Eye Hospital is one of the best eye hospitals in Kanpur that is recognized by patients for the quality-of-care, it’s medical staff are highly trained specialists and have the modern equipment. With state-of-the-art technology, we offer consultations in all ophthalmic specialities, the widest range of exams, highly complex surgeries, preventive ophthalmology programs, improvement of the ophthalmic prescription process and all other important tests and procedures.

62 + Years of experience
350000 + Eye surgeries
20 + Avoidable blindness free villages
30000000 + Population being reached out

Our Departments



We offer all the necessary structures for the treatment of cataract. Very common in people above 50 years of age, cataract is one of the biggest contributors to blindness. Timely cataract treatment can easily restore vision and prevent blindness.



The ideal treatment of Glaucoma is one that manages to better control the disease, that is, prevent its progression. At Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi Memorial Eye Hospital, we have a complete structure for diagnosing and treating Glaucoma.



Retinal diseases can be serious and, if not treated in time, can lead to irrecoverable blindness. It is, therefore, crucial that one gets an early and proper diagnosis and gets started on the treatment in order to prevent complete loss of vision.



Corneal disease is a serious condition, with risks that lead to impaired vision and blindness. We have a team of experienced and trained ophthalmologists for your treatment. We have the latest technology to carry out the treatment of Cornea.



Eye diseases in children can be prevented or successfully treated most of the time if identified early. Paediatric Ophthalmology treats eye diseases in children & adolescents, from simple problems to congenital malformations.

Diabetic & Hypertension

Diabetic & Hypertension

Diabetes and hypertension are associated with lifestyle and can cause damage to the eye from blurred vision to diabetic retinopathy, at times damage is irreversible but can be controlled. Diabetes can cause damage to the arteries and veins of the retina. Make sure to get regular eye tests, if you are Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetic from our expert.

Dr Rajendra Rohatgi

Chronicle of becoming the most reputed eye hospital in Kanpur

Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi Memorial Eye Hospital is one of the most renowned and revered eye hospitals in Kanpur, one with a very rich and interesting history. Earlier known as Kanpur Eye Hospital, Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi Memorial Eye Hospital was founded in 1959 by Dr. Rajendra Rohatgi, a well-known ophthalmologist and philanthropist of his time. The hospital was established with a philanthropic view, which is to provide the needy and poor in rural areas with the best quality eye care facility possible.

With the same mission and objectives the hospital is offering excellent ophthalmological medical care, combining a state-of-the-art structure, qualified clinical staff and high-tech equipment, with a focus on providing quality eye care services to the community including the last-mile population.

Our Partners

Our team of distinguished eye specialists in Kanpur

Free eye camp for the children of blind school

Anubhuti Foundation and JLR Eye Hospital have successfully conducted a free eye camp for children of a blind school.

Free eye camps like these play a crucial role in identifying and addressing eye health issues among children.

It not only helps in diagnosing and treating eye conditions but also raises awareness about the importance of regular eye check-ups.

Such initiatives contribute significantly to improving the overall eye health of the community.

When vision is bright, feelings are brighter


Your questions Our answers

Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi Memorial Eye Hospital (J L R Eye Hospital) is one of the most experienced and best eye care hospitals in Kanpur. The hospital is a pioneer  in eye care and a premier eye surgery centre in the Kanpur region. The hospital has the capacity to meet all needs in the ophthalmic area. It has qualified professionals and the most advanced equipment to provide complete eye care services, with quality and affordability to its patients.

You should make sure to visit an ophthalmologist whenever there is any change in your visual ability or if you have any symptoms in your eyes. However, a regular visit is always indicated, so that if there is any disease, early identification and treatment increases the chances of a cure. However, we recommend you to visit the ophthalmologists at least once in a year and after the age of 45 years visit at least two times in a year.

The first contact with the ophthalmologist will be right after the baby is born, for the little eye test. After that, the child should be examined whenever the parents notice changes, such as allergies, trauma, strabismus or when the parents find it necessary. With the increased usage of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets for study and entertainment in children, it is recommended to make a visit to the ophthalmologist at least once in a year.

The first contact with the ophthalmologist will be right after the baby is born, for the little eye test. After that, the child should be examined whenever the parents notice changes, such as allergies, trauma, strabismus or when the parents find it necessary.

The best way to prevent vision loss is to carefully monitor your diabetes or hypertension. If you have diabetes or hypertension, make an appointment with your ophthalmologist for a dilated eye exam every year (even if your vision looks good). Contact your ophthalmologist immediately if you experience sudden changes in your vision or if your vision becomes blurry, patchy, or fuzzy.

These days most of the patients prefer micro-incision phacoemulsification surgery (MICS), which is the latest cataract surgery technique, surgery conducted through sophisticated, advanced, and special instruments by a trained and experienced ophthalmologist. It’s a daycare procedure due to small incisions of 1.5 to 1.8 mm only, it heals early, uses a foldable lens, and has better results. The hospital also has small incision cataract surgery (SICS) which is considered to be more affordable to the economically weaker section of the society.

There are foldable and non-foldable lenses. Foldable lenses are being preferred due to the micro-incision or conventional phacoemulsification surgery. Foldable lenses are generally made of soft acrylic or silicon and can be injected in the eye through 1.5 to 2.2 mm incision and takes its position automatically after getting unfolded in the eye. As per the requirement and condition of the patient, the ophthalmologist recommends premium tri-focal, bi-focal and toric lenses.

Non-foldable lens (hard lens) has to be inserted in the eye through a long incision , as long as the diameter of the lens.

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Location – Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi Memorial Eye Hospital (JLR Eye Hospital) is located in the heart of the city near Narendra Mohan flyover, Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur. It is 0.5 KM from Rawatpur Railway Junction and 300 meters from JK Temple, Pandu Nagar, Kanpur.

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Address: 117/52, Near Gol Chauraha, Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur.
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